Hmm... Fan boy/girl?

I just saw this person claiming to be Kig and saying a free account give away… Is this really you Kig? Sarcasm :smiley:

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“Super mechs employee” lmao

@kingblinks is on here. So do feel free to tag him and see.

i saw that guy he is weird

@0ld_Supermechs_User hey, last ~1-2 month i dont pm to chat any messages.

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Oh yes this dude.
He tried to scam me by doing this.
"Super Mechs Employee: Give me your username and password so that the Claw item can appear in your inventory"
Seriously. Who believes this sht.

A scam if you haven’t noticed.

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his free account is as reliable as a nigerian prince wanna give you his fortune


Oh look! A ‘‘Supermech Employee’’