Hive Relic/colony builder


This is just an idea, will need help putting it together from the community then after its hashed out we can throw a poll up.

I was thinking that as far back as i remember and maybe even from the start of BD Hives have been around. I always liked the idea of a mobile hive strategy but the resource demand is far to expensive and then the cooldowns make the idea null and void.

     *So my idea is all your teammates colonies hook up together making a mobile Hive *Relic*  
                  If this sounds interesting please share any idea's you might have and let us hash it out the details.

Here are some of my idea’s;

Hive Relic

  • Reasonable size = The hive relic would not have to be large so long as you can attack or move to each colony once its formed so the colony icons could be pretty small once your actually joined to the relic and the hive relic much smaller than you would initially imagine ?
  • Floating speed/direction = navigation same as a relic?
  • Weapon = 1 Combined colony primary ion cannon usable by all members auto reloads no energy required, cool down ?
  • Shields = separate hive shield ?
  • Resource income = the hive draws its own resource pool that is usable by all members, metal, oil, energy, workers ?
  • Silo’s = Silo turrets built in, usable by all members, automatically reloads, cool down ?
  • Barracks = 1 barracks usable by all members ?
  • how 2 make a hive relic = A>team leaders make the hive relic in barracks, prerequisites ? B> built by finding parts/ufo/wrecks ? C.> a massive amount of resources to build ?
  • limit number of Hive relics per world = only top 12 alliance list can use HR ?

Colony Builder
i got an idea after playing that f2p falloutshelter on steam i figure we could do something like that without stepping on copy laws.

  • colony page = my colony, structures, managment, statistics could all be combined into 1 page, you would see all your structures like on the my colony screen but now you can move your mouse over any structure and see the managment info for that structure, possibly combine barracks as well, so you actually see all your workers and possibly military units as well, you wouldnt see all your workers or military, just a represented sum of them.
  • workers = you can reassign workers to structures to boost any resource you need …like oil for instance, your at war you need more oil not so much metal so you pull your metal structure workers and send them to oil factory etc.
    *scavening = fully automated short story, send a worker to scavenge, return worker when u get ready if worker is still alive and collect what ever was found, scavenged items would be same as loot found on ufos or wrecks.




Honest opinion; unrealistic and unnecessary.


Although based on BattleDawn i feel as if it would be a completely separate game, therefore don’t think this would get much support.


Most of my idea’s fall in the realm of undoable.


It is definitely an interesting idea, but yeah it isn’t very realistic. And you never know - maybe a future idea will get approved. So don’t feel disheartened! :grin:


Honestly, this is probably do-able in a slightly different way. Idea is interesting ^^

Never stop spitting ideas out my man. Ideas are just that, ideas! Never hurts to try :slight_smile:


What if there was just one big relic like this in a 3 tick event?


@Malicewolf , i have several more idea’s actually just trying to space them out since they all are probably undoable but i like the idea’s, and i forgot to add this which was the colony builder part, the colony screen for instance and the structure screen could be combined and be able to asign the workers to whatever structure you want, say you may need alot of energy real fast so you move workers to the energy reactor, also be able to send a worker out to scavenge the wasteland even though completely automated you could find anything from other workers to resource’s tokens, it would be fun to keep up with while you are waiting for ticks to pass … got that idea from falloutshelter thought maybe we could do something simmular.


I think this should be a really cool idea, and it will lift BD to a whole other level.
Also I think we should keep the era’s as we all know it. But this would be a really cool event.


tbh i really like your ideas you’re one of the few people who propose alot of em on this forum


thank you
whatever you do dont look in the archives, i probably have hundreds. on the old forums anyways.