Hit-point BAR in Campaign


The idea of this, is for noobs and those who are reviving therir mech a lot in the campaign. Even in easy mode campaign, the last battle gets hard. Here is the Idea: You battle a boss level, and there are about eight different mechs to battle. You come too a wall where you only have 300 Hitpoints left after battling 3 (your mech originally has 750 hitpoints) and the next campaign mech that you are battling has 1500 Hit-points. You do 3 moves against that mech before you are eliminated. Those three moves left the hit-point bar of the campaign mech at 1230 hit-points. Usually if you revive your mech, the campaign mech has the Hit-point bar fully charge. Instead of the hit-point bar being fully charged after you are revived, have that bar left at where you were eliminated. So, you died when the campaign mech had 1230 hitpoints, keep that bar there when revived instead of fully charged at 1500.

  • Yes, (to have no recharge on hit-point bar on campaign mech)
  • No, (Leave the campaign mech as they are, being able to recharge)

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Meh, more of a challenge. Plus you have to revive at some point anyway.


So your applying you want more of a challenge than having to reviving less.
What I am implying is that when you loose in campaign and decide to revive, have the bot mech at the hit-point bar where you left it at.

Bot mech at 1230/1500 instead of 1500/1500 when you revive yourself. You continue where you left off in battle with that bot mech, except you are fully charge since you revived your self.


translating to english: enemies don’t have HP restored in case you die fighting them. So if you die, revive and attack them again they actually have less HP. Works only if you actually die, but makes revive actually useful

would be nice to combine that with limited amount of free revives per day, so players can taste how revive is actually useful and are more eager to pay for revive


kk then, I’ll change my vote if you want the game to be easier. There, changed. Or how about this: When you get back, the bot mech increases in hp from where you left off by 80. Since you were gone for a few seconds, it gives him a while to repair himself. Of course 80 is just an example. Also, what mech has 1500 hp? The godmodes are usually at 900 hp. Unless it is in hard mode or insane mode.


@Devaster: Have you started the hard and insane? Have you reached the danger zone in hard and insane? Not only God Modes yet other torso mechs have nearly/over 1500 hit points. I even battled a mech that wasn’t God Mode that had just about 1400 hitpoints in insane mode.

Here are the insane mechs in the campaign towards the end:

This is only the beginning. I heard God Mode gets to 2000 hitpoints. Imagine having to battle a God Mode so many times at 2000, where it’s not worth reviving your self. You are also wasting refill fuel.
Check out buggy.

Oh, and the buggy damage gets over 100.


I don’t plan on doing insane. Just hard. Rewards not worth it. If it was like 500K-1,000,000 then maybe. But 120k-322k? Nope.


Once I get the infernal axe then I’ll do insane. For now, I only have duel lava sprays. Also I completely agree with you now. I thought on insane mechs have 800-900 hp towards the end, not 1200 hp. My logic was normal=400-500 hp, hard=600-700 hp, insane=800-900 hp. Looks like I was completely wrong.


But 2x Lava and Axe is simply not enough damage in hand to deal with a mech over 1000 HP without a heavy negative resistance. And pay attention - 100% bot mechs apply some sort of shields. So you simply run out of weapons and never kill anything. You need to use something with unlimited use, like Orb cannons, blasters etc.


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