Highest scoring era


so guys, my aim is to become the highest scoring player ever in BD.

What era would you suggest for getting the best score and also why if u don’t mind


the last time someone broke the record it was in E1


The highest score was in E1 but I feel that mars 1 is a great way to get a high score too, because there is not too much competition


the only way of getting a High score is in era where there will be a huge amount of crystals spawning.
and also preferably a earth era since the map is hige and more chances of getting conquers.


Special Era’s with extra crystals, like crystals on mines, or garrisons in earth often help players to reach a higher score.


Recently FUR got a BOat rank 6 on M 2 but he had perhaps the entire world helping him so maybe be tough for normal blokes.


what did u just say the entire world helping?
you guys dont see the alliances which got killed and start throwing shit about the help and support huh?


u have to be Milan to break the record :wink: … but even if u do … i bet milan will palce again and beat it 1 more time :smiley:



As for your question, the last time I tried to break the record I tried it on M2, which you can see in the highscores list given that I failed and got #3. The primary reason I chose M2 was that Tom announced he would be releasing a lot of crystals (as he has been doing every era since on M2, I think?) which would make it a lot easier.

If I were to do it again though, I would probably try to do it the E1 way again. Earth has the most conquers, so the highest possible power (by a fair margin). Then I would try to wait as long as possible to get #1 and get a crazy score, given that eras can be ended early and I’d want as long an era as possible, while at the same time I would want as much map control as possible so I didn’t miss out on too much conquer income / OPs to raze.

Then for my specific case, an additional factor to take into account was that I was quite sure Alexander would only be releasing crystals if it didn’t seem like I was going to win the era and BOAT, so that was another reason to wait as long as possible.

I don’t think I would be able to do it that way again, simply because I’m quite sure the next time Alexander sees me play anything like what I did that E1 he’ll be releasing less crystals right away, lol. It’s also why I picked the very arrogant “God of BD” name for that era, I think that era really went perfectly in pretty much every sense and I doubt the record I set that era will be broken in the near future. The score itself might be broken simply due to crystal releases depending very much on the admin (for example, Yoz’ #2 score has a crazy 2356 crystals), but I doubt the power, which is the more important metric to me, will be broken anytime soon. Same with army size and exp, and the less easily quantifiable domination of the era.

So in short, I agree with Zain :slight_smile: Feel free to try though, always good to have more people aiming high.


wasnt there a new rule that if some is just stalling era for the sake of BOAT the admin can end it right away ?? so for highscore now the person also needs to be on a server which will see a long going war.


It’s not exactly new, Tom ended my F1 BOAT era early back in early 2016. The “new” part is that the admin can now call for a vote if he thinks the era is being dragged on, which I think is much fairer than the admin simply deciding to end early by himself. Note that this does not mean I think it is fair in itself, simply fairer than the system that there was before.


i think that sucks , cause the only team active after the war is over and era is being dragged is the winning team and its allies and they will definetly vote for the era being dragged more for the BOAT , it was better if admins ended it after deciding themselves.


On the one hand I agree with that, on the other hand to get BOAT you necessarily need to kill most of the world and therefore won’t have many allies, presumably. Although there will always be those with too many friends that could simply ask many of those to place and to vote no, that is true. In those cases I agree with you that the old system was better. Then again, people that rely on friends outside their own team tend to have a negative influence on the game anyway in my opinion, I guess the downside of that aspect of BD shows in this rule as well.