Hidden stats not hidden anymore?


When I tried looking for a post about tis new updates topic, I couldn’t find one so I want to show these and ask… Are they new? Were they there?/Was I blind? Here are some maxed weapons with the the new hidden stats shown:

06 PM
57 PM
22 PM

I am an energy mech

(As @Splatter mentioned, Yes I knew they were in the battles)


They were visible when in fight before last update, while now are visible in workshop too.


Yes I knew that and forgot to mention


Took them only a year to fix this.


which ones were hidden?


Mex Energy Capacity Damage, Max Heat Capacity Damage, Regeneration Damage, Cooling Damage


yup fixed


I saw those in pre supermechs reloaded stats.


Yup, they were showing in legacy versions, disapeards in Reloaded, and came back a few days ago ^^


oh thats kool. I didnt notice.