Hi my name is Megatron clan leader of D.E.M.O.L.I.T.I.O.N


oh Idk sorry there…not sure what happened


The reason I left is because Lake and Yeet had decided to kick me out because I did something wrong or whatever.


I know why you were kicked

You didnt have to leave the lounge though




Welcome mate. Have fun


Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey megatron (War Machine X-36 again) can i please come back in your clan? I’ve gotten a lot better. My brutality torso is now mythical lvl 34 and my legs are max legendary (all weapons are also max legendary) i’m not rank 8 yet so i can’t join by myself, but that’s purely because i don’t have a strong second mech to go up in multiplayer ranks. Please consider it.


Yeah of course u can join man!


But when i want to join it says i have to be rank 8 or higher so i can’t join on my own…


Just ask him to change the needed rank to whatever rank you are.


dude im on now…I can add u right now :slight_smile:


Okay do you need my ID?


are u currently on the game?


Yeah i’m online right now


awesome look for me in the english chat


I don’t see you (looked in global english chat) but aren’t there different chat rooms? Maybe we are separated


I’m there haha…look again XD


You wanted to join the clan so badly and then u just leave lol Good luck in the game man XD


Megatron its me narwhals uhh why did u leave DEMOLITION


megatron why did u leave ur clan ?
it’s really falling without u :frowning: