Hi my name is Megatron clan leader of D.E.M.O.L.I.T.I.O.N


Hello my name is Megatron. I really enjoy playing this game and I look forward to meeting other people. If you play this game a lot and/or you rank 8+ feel free to reply to the post. Thanks!


Hello @Megatron Nice to meet you

Welcome to the forums


Hi it’s great to meet you too! Wanna join my clan? It’s called D.E.M.O.L.I.T.I.O.N XD


sorry but I already have a clan…I am in a forum clan with @L4K3


Okay cool, well it’s great meeting you!


I would join if I didn’t have a clan…I have seen your clan somewhere


Hey man you’re welcome to join, we’re currently ranked 20th! Our clan was founded just 19 days ago. It’s a fun clan who respects each other.


Our clan is mostly top 50??..

(Correct me if I am wrong guys)


I aspire to be that high someday. Thanks Anyway


Anytime friend​:yum::hugs:


DUDE I AM WAR MACHINE X-36 WHY DID I GET KICKED?! I DID NOTHING WRONG?! Like what the heck? I was nice to everybody


My goal as clan leader is to take our clan to the top of the rankings. In order to do that, I have to make tough decisions.


Kinda mean there buddy…
Just because you want to get to higher ranks doesn’t mean you have to kick some dude out.
If your looking for skull ranks without a clan… gl with that.
War_Machine at some point can get to a skull rank. If he already is one, whats ur problem ._.
the more people in your clan.
The higher rank it is.

Also welcome to the forums. I am pretty sure I saw you in the game B4


I am sorry I came across as mean. I just want my clan to be the best that’s all. I apologize, I never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. I know this doesn’t make up for me being a jerk. I am still truly sorry.



and dont kill optimus prime


Thanks! Haha He does always out up a good fight though…


On the discussion of clans- why did you leave our private lounge? Anyone else who left our clan is still allowed to stay there- you aren’t any different

Just say the word and we will invite you back to the lounge


Welcome ! :slight_smile:


Private lounge? I think you have me confused with someone else sorry.


That was a reply to @Kn0Tn0Yt

For some reason it didn’t show as a reply to him though…