Hi Moggets I'm Kiira


Ehiii Manooblets
It’s me the princess of the nothing, Kiira
I love to eat food and drink water because if i don’t do i die.
My mom says im beri yntelijent and i vvrite beri nize.
I’m 144 Months old and i can read and walk.
I play UltraMechs since 2015 a.C.
I’m happy to meet y’all because im nais :slight_smile:
Bye eruiyrhjtiuthg :))))))))))))


144 months old… uhh
uhh , yes i am 144 months old too


Welcome to the fourm!!!


I see you.


Sweet summer child. You couldnt experience the winter yet


Not to be confused with @kiira1 welcome to the forum!


Kiira Yooshikage lulz


Howdy! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:




Well,that was quite the introduction…
Welcome to our community!
In this place you’ll learn stuff about Sm,you’ll meet many new and nice people and be able to chat/discuss/express yourself whenever you feel it.
I’m sure you’ll have a great time in this virtual place and I hope we all get along well.
One more has joined our ranks!

By the way,maybe improve the way you talk (write) a little?
We,in this place,are trying to be mature and everything :)))
Just saying matey.


Hi kiira!


"144 months old"
he’s obviously an alien


No he’s 12


i know what saying your 144 months old and not “12 years” is a bit werid :slight_smile:




Oops my bad


That was good bait



sorry XD


Hi Kira, Im L. Lawliet :slight_smile: