Hi Lads! First Post


Forum 2.0 it seems. Happy battledawn finally getting updated!
Good job Alexander, and I hope everyone will have some fun here!


Welcome! I was busily refreshing to see who would be the first to join here after the announcement, seems you won that one :slight_smile: Enjoy the forum, it should be a lot better than the 1.0 version.


Welcome! ^^ hope you enjoy the new forums! We’ve been testing it for a bit and its fantastic! If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask!


Hey Nick! Good to see ya here as well. The new forums definitely feels much better optimized than the old. A fresh start :slight_smile:


Yay BD getting some love


Welcome to the new forums. This is technically 4.0


Yay new forum, Old Newb BD player come

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