Hi! I'm RM or r1234, or Reiko Murata

My name is Reiko Murata. You may know me as r1234. I hosted htk for awhile but for now I’m running solo in arena.
I figured it’s time to move to the new forums. =3

//Not looking for a clan or making one any time soon.


Welcome :slight_smile:
And Is there a chance u will or can lead htk again?

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Welcome Back :slight_smile:

Anyways, here’s what you’ve just missed. Don’t worry, they’re just minor changes :slight_smile:

  • Colors Kits haven’t been returned since 6 months
  • Broken Myths
  • Clueless + Pointless updates
  • Impossible campaign
  • And the awaited mid-august Sm Economy Update. Nothing serious, you’re hardworked mythicals will be just garbage after they (mostly likely) release new myths :blush:

Yes, these changes are so minor that you’ll barely notice them!



Welcome Back Reiko :slight_smile:

hei rei

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Oh hey buddy pal , missed you :smiley:

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Hello old HTK leader :slight_smile:
Hope to see you in SM :wink:

Finally get to meet the HTK leader hello reiko we havent met before i am GODZILLA one of the old players around sm leader of the top 4 clan it is very nice to meet u come on sm sometime id like to meet ya n fight u lol ya missed alot reiko just know that we noobs arent noobs anymore anyways nice meeting u reiko :slight_smile:

i have 30 myths. is it good time to use tokens to buy boxes or wait till update ?

Wait for the “economy update”.


Sounds exciting. I personally played adaptable so I’m not to sad about old mythicals being weaker. I have multiple copies of them so I’m sure the power levels are still useful for the new pieces of gear.