Hi! I'm New Here


wait, i have a quick question. the bot that teaches you how to use the forum said that if i bookmarked his post i might get a gift? what does that mean?


Welcome! :slight_smile:


hi and welcome.


Welcome! weko!! :wink: :taco: :tada:


tacossssssss can i have one now please.


:fire: NO! :no_entry_sign:NO! :fire:


awwwwwww mmmmmmmmm


Don’t f### with my :taco:! :fire:



This is a serious face btw


Hello @S.E.I.Z.E !

Enjoy your stay here! :partying_face:

Here are some of the most useful topics!

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Maxed Mythicals Listings

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A topic where you can get help for your mech builds!

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Goodluck! :blush:


I don’t know what that means but, @discobot , I think this user needs something.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


damn it