Hi! I'm New Here

Hi! I’m new to the community! I’m a somewhat seasoned player with a rank 10 sometimes 9 account, and a rank 15 account. I joined so I could talk with other players about Super Mechs. Sooooo, yeah! Hi!


Oh BTW you might possibly know be by the name JOLTROX (don’t judge :slight_smile:) or BARRICADE (my new name)


thanks :slight_smile:


Hi mate ! Good to meet you :grin::grin:
You should visit this thread first. it has links to most of the useful topics

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thank you! btw i have to go so i will be on in around 7 hours 30 mins. (school)


That’s very much like me lol

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Good night :v

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Welcome to our world my friend , the Super Mechs Community , My friend you’re always welcome :v: :wink:

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Hi, and welcome. Hope you like it here…

welcome to the forums!

Nice to meet you Seize

Welcome to the Forums

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

thank you everybody!
btw here are my mechs if you wanted to see them

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nice mechs and welcome :wink:

thanks. i wish i had some more legend to myth weapons and legs and modules tho. i seem to be getting a lot of torsos lately, with the lightning (other account) and molten vests, and archimonde and rusty armor

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Welcome to the forum.