Hi im new here but am pro


Okay, for your modules, drop everything. Then add 3 iron platings, 2 energy engines, 2 heat engines, and 1 cooling mass booster.


I haven’t gotten a plate in a good while


And this chat has officially died


My walking Scrap metals
also welcome Soldierboss!


This turned into a build thread smh


I’m more worried of this.



I have known “SOILDERBOSS” for some time, and… He is not that kind of a pro, because from what I remember he is Rank 15-10? Not sure, but I am certain he is not yet THAT strong.




You don’t need Charge and Delirium… And if you have some Weight problems, remove Malice because you already have EMP and Hysteria for Draining.

Also show the modules please?


My mods are trashy as hell mate xD.


Not a problem, I can simulate weight and all.


I don’t have other top wepons as well.




As like i said before,it’s just a plan and test build.


u s e i t a n d j o i n u s


:clap: What do you even mean? :clap:


Forgot that i have naga by the way.


Just equip 4 EMP and cut through arena :ok_hand::joy::+1:


Lmao then i will call myself ‘‘The Spam Lord’’


But you’d barely even deal any damage, also that will cost 600+ Energy if maxed myth and used TWICE in a row.