Hi im new here but am pro


maybe if you got better items from farming
and upgraded those items… then it wouldnt be junk


and this other one i do have:
and look a t me now:


My max myth zarkares tho


(you need some help with the second one… but your main is FIRE


Transform those legs bud, they aren’t MYTHICAL


yeah im planning to
those are going to be my next myth
but i need 5 legendaries
so far i almost make 1
it’ll take me around 5-7 days to get it to legendary


Also I’m still working on my 2nd mechanic, it’s gonna be an energy monster.


my mech is if junk grew leg’s


i can tell
but remember that energy doesnt require a lot of hp
most energy mechs have a lot of weapons and low stats
yet they’re bosses


well gtg
bye people!
see ya tomorrow in tomorrow’s portal


Sea, play more and you’ll get better.
And spam portals alot when they are available.
High chances on a legend drop.


What happened to the actual guy who introduced himself?


We ate him that’s what happened :3


the pile of junk with leg’s itself


he tasted like chicken

he seemed like a little kid
but the ones that are hiperactive
is not bad is just… he needs some control…


You have and Anni and nightfall, I suggest you keep them and make them myth.

They are a good combo.


explain to me how you figure out a how a stranger online is a kid?


Okay, your mech needs some work.

First, replace the Torso with something that goes to myth, i.e. a Zarkares.

Then, replace the legs with something that goes to myth. By the looks of things, you want to be a phys, so get iron boots.

After that, drop the Hysteria and the hammer and add a Night Eagle. If you have enough space afterwards, add another annihilation.

Let us see your modules so we can make improvements there.


The way they behave, and sometimes their profile pic. In this case, it works for you both ways.


so what if i watched Pokemon .p.