Hi im new here but am pro


boi i know u have some (2 rollin beasts)


i don’t have the time to do this for month’s i have other stuff to do


Yeah, that’s fine I know you have a life outside of this and might not want to play this game anymore.


Those aren’t my best you know :wink:


the people that are like me just go, play daily at least 3 campaign levels and then leave
they dont spend all their time just being like FARM FARM FARM
you dont need to be obsessive about it
but if you want to be decent then you need to start somewhere


i do 5-10 campaign level’s every day


boi having the reckoning, sorrow, and valiant sniper, along with the OP Heat Capsule and some Max Myths to go with it all

but i have the BIGDADDY so im instantly more OP


Boi you already know its THICC


most people do a daily 3
you just need to get to the overlords den lvl 6 and keep farming there (farming is just doing the level over and over again)


it’s drain energy is too low and dmg also too low


i know that :frowning:


then just lvl up your mech
get to the overlords den 6
and replay it over and over until you feel much stronger (by a lot… but not reall)
this will help you get the money and items you may need


why not farm the bigboy instead?


bigboy takes too long
sure more money but not as fast as lvl 6 from overlords den

basically the best farming spots are lvl 6 in the first world, i believe the first lvl in the frost biome and then overlord’s den lvl 6

the first boss fight has high chances for a fortune drop box
the first lvl of the frost biome has decent fortune box chances
and OD6 has good money, xp and somewhat 2nd highest drops of fortune boxes


welp i won’t remember any of this but thx i guess


just remember the first boss is good for fortune boxes
and that in the last world, the 6th lvl is the best for farming…
just remember that


welp to youtube i go i am done with farming for the day


c ya later
(20 character limit)


He knows that, we just like the name


have a nice day :neutral_face:


i was just saying that cause i had heard a discussion before of someone that was really trying to prove BirgDaddy was good… he failled