Hi im new here but am pro


but you’d spend too much money
sure it’s tempting, if you want go ahead

i’ll just stay f2p, then once i get to the top, i’ll be maybe a legend for getting there with no need of money


i give up on even trying that


dont give up
just pay to win
but also try making good builds
ask some players for help in the link i gave you


Nope i give up i am not going to farm for 2 months


i only farmed for 2 months to get a ton of items :smile:
it only took me around 3 weeks to get most of my good items to the lvl they’re at now

farming is just a way to get items and lvl items… you dont really need to do it


No i am not going to even try to get further till sm try’s listening to idea’s and make’s the game easier


well if you want to scale up easy
just become phy
literally one the best builds is 3 weapons and then just tank


and those 3 weapon’s are maxed out mythical’s


It isn’t hard, just grind OD6 insane for lots of gold and xp. XP levels you up, giving refills more gold, and premium boxes every level.


*Every 10 levels


well once you get to the top you’ll logically need max myth to get there
but look at the bright side, you only need this:
iron boots
night eagle
night fall
annihilation or another nightfall
then charge
phy hook
void drone
and then 3 iron plates and then you can focus either on heat or energy

you could make one for heat counter and one for energy counter


my mech can’t even handle most hard level’s


well that’s why you need to upgrade items


It’s fine as well to start on normal or hard. The general idea is grind a level that you beat consistently, and gives good gold and xp for the fuel cost.


… my mech suck’s and that’s a fact


Do you have any good premuims?


let me say it again “my mech suck’s therefor i don’t have much”


well duh
it needs to go up to myth
dude my mech is mainly legendaries
and i only have 3 myths
and i can get to rank 8 if i actually wanted to
so tbh you just need to upgrade those items (well more like good items) and then your set to win


now your just bragging


I don’t know how to help you if you “don’t have any good items” or “don’t want to grind or level up items”. Every top player started at the same level as you.