Hi im new here but am pro


I want it to be a heat mech if you couldn’t tell by the way it’s built


My mom is at the store .p.


no, i mean help ur biological mum


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then if you want to be heat… here’s some help of what items are the best to make a good heat build…
actually i’ll just give you some links and then maybe some ideas
then you can ask for more help in another link i’ll give you (bookmark the links if you want… not actual bookmark, but use the button that says bookmark in the forums)
heat help links:

here’s the handy dandy max myth guide that’s updated as soon as someone maxed the item:

and here’s a good help place, lots of people will give you good ideas:


One question can i keep my Hammer?


but you’ll get a new one
that’s heat
cause there is such a thing
it will all depend on your BUILD~


:sob: what about just for knockback?


well the heat hammer has the same knockback…
actually here are the max myth stats of the heat hammer:
FLAMING HAMMER (60) 1 Range 211-354 ExDmg 86 HeatDmg -17 Cooling 3 Push(13/50 Cost)


The thing is the war hammer toke 4 year’s to get and will take another 4 year’s :frowning:


not really
like you can keep the war hammer based on the new build you will have (thanks to moi), but we will need to change it to the heat hammer later on (once you get it and you have most stuff maxed out)


Alliright ill do it…


so the plan is…
for torso get zarkares
for legs either scorching feet or devouring paws
for top weapon a supreme hammer will do, maybe even add a desolation
and for side you keep the hammer for now, add a corrupt light and maybe a terror cry too for now until you get abomination (abomination is a legendary to myth item, very rare)
then if you ever get the “flaming scope” switch the desolation for it
for drone use clash or nemo (recommend clash)
and utilities use heat hook, and common teleport
so basically you’ll end result will be:

supreme cannon
flaming scope
corrupt light
flamming hammer
clash drone
heat hook
common teleport

later we can discuss battle tactics


That look’s very hard


it’s not too hard

most items start from epic (supreme, flamming hammer, corrupt light, desolation, scorching feet, devouring paws, clash drone,)
the real challenge is finding abomination and flaming scope, once you get this build done you are set to win if you play it correctly
so for now just get:
zark torso (not so easy to get)
scorching feet (easiest to get)
corrupt light (also easiest to get)
terror cry (easy to get)
supreme cannon (easy to get)
desolation (easy to get)
and keep the war hammer



allrighty then…


so every now and then, if you need help
go to the build help link i gave you and post your build there (take a picture) then based on that multiple players can help you


or i could just hope to get weapon’s that don’t take heat or energy


the weapons that require no heat and energy are only phy
but theres only 2 of them…
mercy which weights a lot
and annihilation which not only weights a lot too but it also has range 1-2 (but in exchange it has decent dmg and high res drain)

so your only hopes of playing good heat is the plan i gave you

you can check other builds with the links i gave you


Or i could just give in and pay money to get a build for each