Hi im new here but am pro


May i see the updated verison of your mech?


that mech needs some milk!
well… if that’s your mech it needs help


That is my mech and it’s a work of art :frowning:


here’s my main mech…
here’s my actual main mech:


Noice also have you considered seeing my mech’s weapon’s before you judge it?


i did and it needs sum milk
a lot
maybe focus on one element per builds


The thing is i don’t want to get rid of the hammer :frowning:


welcome to da forumz pro, im dad


Who said you were his dad?


well you have to…
and change some other weapons too
what do you want to be?
(the order in which they are is the harder it is to play with them and win)


dont talk back to ur dad like that


Your not my dad :3 my dad live’s in the same state as me


The hammer is my precious :3


oh yea, which state would that be?


guess what…
i have one too that is also precious but is not so worth it… i do want to show people that it can be good for something
so what do you want to be?


Why would i tell you were i live .p.


bcuz im ur dad, and ive been trying to get u outta ur room


Guess once if you get it wrong ill tell you


Your spelling is to bad for you to be a 46 year old man


i try to type as the millenials do

now come help ur mum do the dishes