Hi im new here but am pro


dont forget to like pros


Welcome to the forum! :smiley: And may I see a picture of your mech? Let’s see how professional are you :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Welcome! =)


is this the new brenankawamura


Nope,it’s just his clone.


brenankawamura 2.0 =)


Nice to meet you @Ellen_Cummings

Welcome to the Forums


nice to meet you too


so your a “pro”
can we see your mech?
i’d like to see what kind of set up you have


how do we show? hunter


just take a screen shot of your mech in the workshop and then post it here through link (there’s a button for that)
for example:

here’s a prototype of a mech build idea i had quite some time ago


my names soldierboss


just take a screen shot
do you have a PC? or a phone? (in what are you playing the game?)


computer hunter`computer


you there? dude or no


the take a screen shot, google how to take a screenshot in a PC
then do that while showing your mech’s stats and post it here


Or just use snipping tool :3


like this


To many corrupted light’s don’t you think?


well that’s what i realized when a pro told me that… but now i think i’d equip heat bomb instead of the 2nd CL (this mech idea was made 1 day after zarkares came out… just so you know)