Hi im new :D (15 char)

hello my user is q-q in supermechs and i got the claw


Hi there, Welcome to the Forums! and nice, Such a lucky drop ;-;

Do you really have to state that.
the STATE of my luck is lower than Kim Jong Un’s stupidness.
Also welcome to the forums :smiley:


lmao hehe 20 characters

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I also got max night eagle but not other stuff :confused:

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here :smile:

Hoi mate!
Welcome to the forums!
May i see your mech?

hi, welcome to dah forums! your really lucky getting the claw you know… i wish i had it for my mass heating build (or my soon to come energy build)

Claw wont be good on a CL/savagery heater as it wil be hard to get to 3-4 range

that’s not just what im aiming for…
my build idea is:

Zarkares, Brutality or windigo
The Claw
crimson rapture
heat bomb
VR or savagery
maybe a drone or not
and then i’d focus on energy and heat mods
also i’d have a hook or charge

Id say u have 2 many weapons doing different things

Cl and savagery are good combo but if u have charge, hook and cr and abomination then is the cl savagery combo needed

kinda yes
well savagery is a yes because it’s the only 4-8 weapons that i want to use in this build
and CL would be useful for when im done using heat bomb

but instead i could maybe go for CR, heat bomb, CL and abomination

Yh u could but with the 5 weapons how many plates can u fit

those would be 4…

and since heat bomb weight about 28 or so i think equipping a zark with the claw will be enough hp but if not maybe 1 plate and then the rest on modules and utility items (probably just hook and teleport since they weight the least)

My mech is here https://gyazo.com/0b0b63041a12711134b079b65784ee5d

compared to me, you are overestimate it…(both)…:rofl:

(you would die laughing if you knew what items i DONT have…)

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welcome to the forums