Hi i'm new at this Forum so welcome everyone! ^_^


Hi, my name is Lawrence i’m 16 i’ve been playing SuperMechs for about 2 Years now sorry for my English if you find it wrong cus i’m a Filipino so yeah sorry for my English BTW i stop playing on Games for about 1 year cause i want to stay from games and rest for a bit and Explore the outside world that mysterious to me :slight_smile: so yeah that’s about it to what i have to say #Philippines :).


you mean “unknown” in your name lol


i mean “Lawrence” in Real Life hahaha :grin:


Welcome! :slight_smile:


Lawrence, go out and socialise don’t waste your teenage years here like I did.


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here.


Hello, Nice to meet you


It is strange that two “new” players shows in the same two days, with Mr. as the first part of their name
Is this just a coincidence or multiple accounts much


Sure !! @Misfit i will


Hi, @SeanChoi1870 nice to see you too man


I agree with Baz, or @Misfit if u don’t know him

All good to play games here just don’t waste your life like I did on BD :disappointed_relieved:


i don’t know @Zealot i fell like i’m more comfortable alone and play a lot of games i’ve played a lot of games and i always called myself a GAMER because all of the games i Finished even though i finished the game i like to play it again to have fun i guest but i have some friends too a CRAZY friends, and sometimes i go out to buy some food then go back to my “Office”/Room.


Doesn’t matter how many friends you have man, as long as you have some. Just make sure you’re looking out for yourself and not playing games all day every day :grimacing:


Yeah @Zealot sometime my English is Bad so yeah !!! i’m always looking to myself men Thanks.


That’s okay I can understand what you’re saying haha at least you can speak two languages i can’t :joy:


really btw i’m Filipino form Philippines, and sometime i’m good at speaking in English and sometimes i’m bad i cant translate some words so yeah… please Understand :sweat_smile:


Welcome . I wish you well .


hi whats up welcome most of the people on this forum are nice


Jumanji : Welcome to the Forum!!