Hi, I'm besto21! Help me with builds!

Ive been playing for a few weeks (will get login premium box tomorrow) and ive just made a forum account. I have played the old versions of sm but lost the accounts.
Can people give me some heat mech builds with epic to myth items or lower

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Hi welcome to forum :grinning:
And if you need help click this Curent meta and how to counter it | Builds based on Epic to Myth items

hi, welcome
if you want sets i can give you some ideas

Welcome to the forum! :smiley: :smiley:

Hello there.
May I see the items you have for now?

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome around here :slight_smile:

Ello @besto21 welcome to the forum’s!

I will show my items in abit

ok so here are my 3 mech builds heat being my bestScreenshot_6



Wow,you actually posted a lot of screenshots.
They were useful to me.

For your heater,change Twisted Flux into a Terror Cry (when you get one) if you afford the weight.
As for modules on this one,it’s a shame that you are having a shortage of Epic-Mythical tier modules…
For now,that setup can work.
Ask again anytime after you get some epic modules.

For your second mech (physical):
Again…Lack of items but that’s reasonable.
Ask again when you receive more weapons.
For now,replace the Reckless Beam with Rapid Destruction and give up on the Last Words.
It’s an energy weapon,plus you’ll save weight.
Avenger is a good torso using an energy-free setup,both heat or physical,but you’ll need other weapons and many modules.
For your build,it’s unsuitable because it has really low core stats.
I see you have a spare Zarkares?
Use that for your physical.
Like this,replacing the top,swapping the torso and removing the grenade launcher,you will have enough weight and better stats.
A little less hp but that isn’t too considerable.

As for your electric build:
I see it’s your weakest one yet,little to not upgraded at all.
By itself,it is okay.
I’d suggest dropping the top Grim Cobra and putting in the other LW.Dual LW on a freeplayer electrician is one the best strategies,combined with Malice beam and Hysteria (and that’s actually a build of my own,but using Naga as a torso).
Grim has a very large energy cap,it’s pretty lightweight but has some serious hp issues.
You should only keep using it if your mech could afford some hp plates.

There could be many things to be done on your builds.Also,you could completely change the build overall after you get items.
Please make another thread/ask in a similar thread when you do.


I feel like this is @bestplayerintheworld’s second account in disguise…

not really but still that forum name tho

Starting new because he stuffed up his friendships with the top people.

Ty l4k3 for the help

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