Hi, I was wondering if i could join a clan?

join .:xXSupremeXx:. we’re completly open right now. andwe are active

what’s your rank and do you get more than 35wins/week?

You could join Mini Reign cuz we need more members

how good is the clan

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oh and these are my current mechs

i also have a heat one that i dont use, and occasionally i switch up some modules and make the stats more balanced for each (in energy and heat)

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It’s good but we need more members
yes u can join
Edit:just checked today and WHOA wtf happened

@Stealth_Cat is dat u

you can join my clan Super Mechanical Gods

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yea it is me lol…

Looking tough with your mechs! Good luck! :grinning:

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i reached level 140 in febuary