Hi, I was wondering if i could join a clan?

Hi! Im wondering if there are any preferably rank 10 below clans open? My account is rank 10 sometimes 9 and maybe 8 if i push. I would like to warn you, i do only play for about an hour or so (maybe a little more) a day. Anyways, i just want to see if there are some good (active) clans i might be able to join, and talk to some more experienced players.

Thank you


How much wins you get per week?

Could you please show us your mechs?

@S.E.I.Z.E Hey, Mech Corp is always on the lookout for new players. We have a post in clan recruitment explaining all about us and our requirements, take a look, let me know what you think.

Hello Hello
My son started our clan when he played the old SuperMech. We are a great bunch of players and a few weeks ago we got to RANK 137. There have been a few of our players just ghosted away and they’re accounts sit dead. We battle each other to help mod our mechs and come up with new attack strategies. Our first rule is to have fun playing and our second rule is to respect others and keep our chat clean. The only other rule is to never feel alone and ask as many questions or make as many suggestion you need to, so you can maximize your fun. Together we destroy the Titans and get so many extra prizes from winning in the arena battles. We would love to have you come in to our clan and check us out and meet all of the members and see if we are your kind of clan.


Hey LowKee! I just wanna say sorry for leaving :frowning: I just want to have my own clan :slight_smile: Good luck with your!

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here are my mechs

my account is not the best, but its decent.
Also @Pavic how many wins i get per week depends on how much i play :smile:

It’s cool, you gotta do what’s right for you. It was nice having you!

It looks like you are a great mech builder S.E.I.Z.E.

Well you can join my new clan if you want. At least 35 wins per week :slight_smile:

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Hey, @LowKee and @Pavic, you guys both seem great! I just don’t know which clan to join. I am trying to get 5 wins every day now, but on weekends I go skiing a lot, and can’t always get on. Also some days I might have something else like baseball. Just wanted to let you guys know

I joined LowKee clan. Its great! You shall too :slight_smile:

Alright, nice! I will be on probably around 3:30 pm North America time. That is 3 hours 11 minutes BTW is it a request clan or should I just join, or I can contact you in this conversation?

BTW is it a request clan or should I just join

It’s request atm, I was waiting for someone but never heard from them again.

Ok, my username is BARRICADE or JOLTROX (one of those) in all caps. When I will be on is above. Clan name?

Mech Corp is clan name :slight_smile:

Alright! See you later!

Tak is 10 le kobra6 zapraszam

I also need a clan…