Hi! I never properly introduced myself


Hi! I’m Willybobhero. I’m fairly new to the community, and would like to know some ground rules before i make a mistake, that could cost me the game, or my life…




Don’t repeat topics.


Don’t repeat replies


it really doesn’t matter what others think as long as u believe its right… you do anything in the forum and game and there will always be that one person who will be a nuisance.
you have probably already be equipped with this knowledge but I’m going to say it anyway

  1. Physicals= resistance doesn’t matter, once u lose one point the drone starts doing 100 dmg

  2. electricity= once again… resistance docent matter EXCEPT THIS TIME if your energy goes to zero its ouch-town population you bro

  3. heat= the only freaking type of mech that gets affected by resistance some weapons reduce cooling so be careful or MANS WILL ALWAYS BE HOT

Welcome to Supermechs

P.S. if you post something in the wrong category the community loses their crap so try not to do that (for your sake)


W E L C O M E :exclamation:

Talk with @discobot quote, it is pretty funny and helpful :exclamation:


:left_speech_bubble: We can do no great things, only small things with great love. — Mother Teresa


What do you mean?


never argue with el metre or with wepwawet…






Hi there! Welcome to the forums. As to mistakes, if you’re already trying to avoid them you’re on the right track. Have fun in this crazy community :wink:


thanks guys, did i repeat a topic?


Don’t repeat quotes.


Don’t repeat words.


uhhhh this is absolutely confuzzling


No you didn’t… just for the future