Hi, I just returned to the game

Hi everyone, I just returned to this game and I would like to ask if there are still mythicals? where did the original shop go? and how do i obtain mythicals if they still exist?


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You can still obtain mythicals by creating them. You can only receive up to Legendary

The shop was removed a while back

The game is on a fritz right now and everyone is angry at the developers… but go on and play because if you start now, when everything returns to normal, it will feel to you they made the game so much better

Get what I’m saying?

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There are still mythicals,and they can be obtained by fusing 5 legendary cards to a legend item

Yes, mythicals still exist. The original shop is deleted. You can obtain mythicals by transforming. Let me explain: an item is rare. You upgrade it to max level. Then, you are able to transform it. To transform from common to rare, you need to sacrifice 2 commons and 10000 coins. To transform to epic you need to sacrifice 3 rares and 25000 coins. To transform to legendary, you need to sacrifice 5 epics and 50000 coins. To transform to mythical, you need to sacrifice 6 legendaries and 100000 coins.

Alright thanks for hitting me up, are the developers still active?

Ok as a old player,let me tell you one thing,super mechs isn t what it was,back in the old days everyone got a chance,nowdays you may got garbage even if you spend all your college economys,so if you see a lot of hate posts,don t judge players,we survive in this game,but playing this game is harder day by day,now is hard to get a legendary,some people spent over 10k tokens and got garbages

The developers chucked at us a horrible nerf and left for a vacation right now

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4 epics for legend and 5 legends for 1 myth^^

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Welcome back by the way!

So if you want to start over this is the worst moment

I still have my old account with very decent mythicals (or atleast at that time)… but I want to make a fresh start again

How long have the developers been inactive tho?

And is there any chance the game returns to normal?

I wrote to few of them like 1 week ago and i m still waiting

Not really,they ate still active,their vacation ended a few weeks ago

What? it started like 3 days ago

The picture is old…I saw the pic a few weeks ago

No, start right now lol. So when it returns to normal… it feels like a buff lollololollloooll

There was a bank holiday on the Thursday this week…the developers have not gone anywhere. Updates are happening very regularly. (every 1-3 weeks?)

Well i think there might be a chance,don t waste your tokens,save them

Should I still spend all my money on silver boxes btw? I always did that back in the days…