Hi guys plz help this new kwaii player^_^!😁😊


guys i was a regular supermech player but i think battle dawn is more fun also i heard battledawn got lot more ppl online than sm at any given time also not to mention my cousin sister also here lol … i just had some few things in mind before i start this good game…1) is it also a pay to win game is it easy to get used to game and be top or unlike i need to spend months mastering strategies before i can have a good chance to compete …3) i migrated from sm cuz there were only old players which kept wrecking new players a lot and lots of immature ppl too who spammed u unnecessary whenever they see u online with non stop invites and messages or even sometime threat lol so i too lol taught them good lessons xd but major reason was cuz it is pay to win at current situation…although i top and good player there i need something a little more crazy and adventurous …so…umm…:slight_smile::blush: all i wanna know is this game will be right for me ??

(also choclates and pizzas for all good people here )


1)Well the game is not Pay to win.
I know many players who win the era without paying a single dime.
2) You can get used to the strategies within a few era’s.There will be some learning curve but its easy to get used to it.
I recommend reading this if you have doubts.
3)There are some people who will attack you and boast that they are the best players.
Trust me they are far from the best players, only people who cant compete in the top, so they go for smaller players.
Good player’s will conquer you and wont bother about you unless you dont bother them.
So i would say get into decent alliance early on in the era.

And if you want a very comprehensive guide @Senatus has a guide
(http://www.kongregate.com/forums/12-kongregate-multiplayer-games/topics/200668-battle-dawn-senatus-long-and-pretty-complete-guide) you can look at.It covers all the important area’s.
But the best method is to experience the game by playing a few rounds


hmm i getting lot encouraged after reading ur reply :kissing_closed_eyes::v: now i even plan to bring my all frnds from supermechs here …xd

(also i alao like tokyo ghoul😊 i hope new season is op)


Glad that you’re interested in playing BD! Annonymu5 has already answered some things, but just to clarify a bit as well :slight_smile:

  1. The game is by no means pay to win (some may argue). The player considered the “best” doesn’t spend a dime and has completely dominated eras without boosting (Senatus is that player, who’s guide you were referred to)
  2. The game itself doesn’t truly have that much you need to learn. It will SEEM overbearing at first. Simply because it’s lots of little things. But after an era or 2, those things become second nature (what chassis type kills what, armor damage range units, what gives score, etc). Just take your time to learn the small pieces and then you’ll learn there’s really not a lot. The biggest thing to this game however is activity. The more time you can put in, the better. Often players on BD become like family. You’ll be put in chats with your teammates and you’ll end up talking daily for months at a time to pass the time.
  3. As stated, good players will hit you. It’s simply the nature of the game here. Everyone is vying for top ranks and you get there by dominating others. At first, this may seem hard to overcome. After you get the basics down though, you realize it’s actually very easy to overcome. It really comes down to working with your teammates. And even great teams fail. Do keep that in mind. So do not be discouraged if you lose a war to a great team. Once again, simply the nature of the game.

If you ever have questions please feel free to reach out to myself or the community in general. We’re always willing to help. You can also look towards the BDA (BattleDawn Academy) which is our mentor group. http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/battledawn-academy-formerly-adopt-a-newb-centre/429

Good luck and hope to see you and your friends enjoying the game! :slight_smile:


Battle Dawn is good game but it requires hours of playing and I couldn’t spare so many hours
And a Team which is more harder than sparing hours for me


Yea i forgot about BDA.


My first thought when i saw this thread…

Besides that, hi. Welcome to BD. You can get some help from the BDA on any questions you might have. Contact @Elcent or @EnerGY to join.

(Helping players get better)


Welcome to a game that will ruin ur sleep.

joking… or am I?

Good luck, in battledawn.


Oh crap there they go again trying to steal our players.


Well why don’t you come and join the game too? :slight_smile:


thanks all for ur wonderful comments im very happy to see that bd community is so big and nicer as soon my exams are over i will start playing thank u all .:blush:


Well adding in to the points mentioned above since I played a lot of games
battledawn is more of a hardcore game than a casual one you need a lot of time if you want to be really competitive and do well so it would be recommened when your in ur summer vacation , and no where near ur exams
I do disagree about the game being that easy to learn ( for us it is we played this game for so many years lol) but the best thing is if you want to learn to be a good player the community is helpfull towards players with potential(active and willing to learn)
best of luck