Hi, Bd Community!


hi guys how are you all, it’s been long time i was out of game, like a year or so i am not sure and i am about to back playing again. well but after that time for me will be diffirent in game so i wanted to say something about me and my team 4E.
firstly i want to say i am not a 4E member anymore, i know it’s hard to believe but i will have time to prove it i guess. I was watching to all era peoples playing and i have noticed something. i made too many mistakes on this game so i am looking open a white page for myself and being only a player, never lead never be included
to any shit or diplomacy, only play, fight and die. that’s what i want to do after that on future in bd.
i don’t want to say anything about why i don’t wanna be a 4E member anymore but the ppls whoever closer with me, knows everything well, i was out of game too many times so i had time for think and watch so i am feeling i need to say everyone, i apoligaze, just i am just saying, i didn’t do anything with only myself. Everything i did wrong or good in game, that was all order, even in my skype some words wasn’t mine. So i was taken controll with my everything. well you can say why you didn’t stop this but i couldn’t, i was a kid when i met with 4E so i couldn’t notice what i was doing so i did everything i took as order and now i am 21yo so noticing something just now. well guys i just want to play this game, in this time is study time for me, collage being like crazy but even i will not be usefull so much i will be in game and after that %100 with myself. i don’t have hate for anyone but i also understand if someone feeling hate about me as i said i did too many mistakes but it wasn’t under my controll so shortly after that i will be in game with only myself and noobi plays. Thanks for reading guys the last thing I want to say i know someone thinking really bad things about 4E but i am the maybe only one who didn’t bann inside 'em ever, i never cheat and i will not ! ever. i reported even my teammates sometimes and i will do same if i will see.

with my regards



…who even are you???


A previous member of 4E, I presume


Does 4E even exists ?? havent seen them play like in ages.


Presence of you and your answer on forum is acknowledged


Usta dear bro. 4E is who tought you the game and u became known through them. Playing with other teams should be also happening but anyway should u start working after college is over, instead of devoding all of ur time in game? Ooo well good luck anyway


Dear Usta,
I have been playing this game for many years now and played with many people so far including the 4E family and I know very well that most of them are decent players who gave a lot to this game. Couple of them may cheated before as many players do but no one can say that 4E family are cheaters I saw them kick someone for cheating and even report them so no one is perfect not ever and you must be thankful for the 4E family for supporting you many years and standing by you.
I wish you and all BD players the best in real life as well as in this game.
Take care buddy.


Not much idea what cheating goes on in inside 4E family which u all are referring to , but their new leader Black Panther got banned recently.


Some internal disputes keep happening btw players in a family from time to time.

Btw nice to see you on forum @DragonLord :grinning:


USTA you were always friendly whenever I ran into you on a world, not sure if you remember me tho but glad to see you’re still around


Usta, there are only 1-2 serious teams per era now and they are usually weak and very inactive. You would be best served by skyping any contacts you have and hope they don’t dislike you enough to invite you to their own eras. Nice to see you’ve finally left 4E


Nice to see you too. It has been a long time now. @Hitmo :+1:


Yes almost over a year. :slight_smile: