Hey this is my new mech



I won it 20 characters


upgrade those 3 energy engines and get rid of the epic one


So you were the one that won the giveaway from phantom! Congrats.
He will be doing future ones so hopefully I get lucky then


You should get more HP if not you will rid at any physical mechs.


Low HP and low cooling…that mech is pretty weak even though it has almost maxed out items, you’ll lose against heat and physical mechs,and can also be defeated by some energy mechs


Not really physica but heat nearly cane me some times


Yup,127 cooling can really give you a hard time against heaters


My physical mech cooling is 104


Change that torso to windigo then lol


Your physical’s the one in your profile pic right?My energy(legendary items)mech has higher cooling than yours,with 105 cooling​:grinning::grinning:


My physical mech


Now with night eagle


Ah man you won the giveaway with that mech?
Why would you enter if you already had a very good mech


Well why not 20 characters


Good point

<secret 20 characters>


Lol <secret 20 characters didn’t work mate>