Hey look! Another thread just like the 20 before it! (Rant)

Does anyone else find it so annoying that people are too busy complaining their negative asses off and creating the same topics over and over again? (2v2 update). I don’t care if I’ve said this too many times but holy son of a bejeesas they are annoying. This has persuaded me to not come on the tactisoft discourse and only will do so for my clan’s Lounge and Supermechs Sandbox, until people stop complaining because either tactisoft will not change it back, or they will change it back soon because of the complaints everyone has sent + the unnecessary extra comments. It’s like a bunch of kindergarteners whining about their salads at lunch…the thing is… the teachers are still gonna make you bloody swallow the damn vegetables.

I don’t care if I’ve said something wrong because this is my way of expressing what I want to say and you are welcome to rebut everything above but just know that the devs have seen it obviously and crying won’t do anything more.

No personal hate comments to each other please if anyone can be bothered reading this and commenting. Peace out L.


Well,even I cussed at this.
Instead, I’ll stop whining and protest in silence.

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