Hey, Is the hammer good?

So, I got this hammer. I got it to legend rank, and it does a load of damage, but i’m not sure if I should turn it into mythical, or even go for it. Is it worth it? It looks good as a mythical. 08 PM

dude, it is definetly worth it. i had to go against a guy, dealt 300-400 dmg about, i think


Thank! and wow, 300-400 damage, Makes sense because the one I have does like 200 damage. Thanks!

no problem. happy to help

Check these two

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.-. Oh wow… a lot of damage in both of them.

I wouldn’t advice you to use it, nightfall and annihilator r surely better, I have a max legend of this thing, I don’t use it though, it sucks

No res drain and high energy heat consumption

Oh… well I guess I could use nightfall or annihilator if I get them. I guess it is kind of true it uses a lot of energy, like -20?

Annihilator is 0 energy 0 heat -15 res

Nightfall is -32 energy and -11 res drain .

Nightfall is 31 heat and 31 energy…


There are a few better types of weapons like the Annihilation that was mentioned…

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Heck yeah :sunglasses: dual melee abusers!

still seraph blade is way better

thats why i fused my backbreaker

Backbreaker damages Energy Regen and Cooling too

-2 at epic, then -5, and -8 to finish when myth

it looks like the klopfer my mother used to tenderize the meat with…:grin:


Is a very good one, keep it.

I’d say no,and permit me to explain why in detail:
Let’s see what it does…So,it pushes you opponent by 1 space,deals regen and cooling damage and has a 180 dmg gap between the damage ranges…Does use energy and heat and requires you to be right next to your opponent.
I’d say use it as transforming material.
Instead of the BackBreaker,go for an Annihilation,for it has double the range,drains resistance and it’s heat and energy-free.You’d get to use an Annihilation a lot more than that hammer in a fight,trust me for I had it,transformed it into legendary once for ppl told me to do it and regretted it later.
Even a NightFall would do more good than this if you don’t land an Annihilation.Well,they have the same (31/31) cost but the NF would help you with some extra range…Not all af your fights will permete you to stick to your opponent in order to land that hammer blow.
When in higher arenas,you’d only get to use it if you grapple/teleport to your opponent.That means grapple/teleport damage plus the hammer’s dmg per 2 action points to land only 1 blow.This is why I’d say not to use it,for if you use another combo like Annih./NF combined with something with a pull you’d be able to do almost double the damage in that turn.
Not to say that a lotta people use push-type weapons,that will give you and your little hammer a super hard time.
Plus,while the hammer has costs,Annih. doesn’t,it will not be so good against an energy type build,while Annih. can save your butt anytime if you play it at the right moment (or not,not much skill involved…just get to them and blast 'em open with them barrels;that thing shreds!)
So,while Annih./NF do slightly less damage,they will be at least 10 times more useful than this meat-thinning hammer.

So,pretty much…It’s kinda pointless if you think about it.Sure,you can keep it for design,but there are other things that would do a hell of a lot more good than the BackBreaker.

I hope I explained things properly.Good luck on taking the decision or keeping or discarding it (as I would throw it away).


I want to add that the hammer don’t have uses, while Annihilation does ^^

Yeah,you can use Annihilation 2 times at epic tier and 3 times when legendary/mythical.
Still,al least you would get to use it these 2/3 times,unlike the Backbreaker,which you’re going to use twice a match if you’re lucky.Sometimes,you wouldn’t even use it at all (bcz of the terrible range and/or energy usage)…
Annihilation’s still a better idea.

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