Hey, I'm new to the forums, not new to SuperMechs though :)


No, I haven’t converted everything I have. The USA mech is up top, and here’s the Galaxus mech:



@Seth, you should have come to the forums before you start to do ANYTHING!!!



Just…don’t convert anything.


Your main weapon seems to be a Sikanda, which is good for these times.

Also, why’d you buy a Camo Paint on your Sizzling Rollers? Y’know that thing doesn’t advance to Legendary…

Also if you would like some tips, feel free to ask all of us :smiley:


Please, don’t be harsh to a newcomer.


I did a camo paint because I just felt like doing it. Dunno why I felt like doing that, but hey it’s done.


Well, I can say your mech now looks dashing, but don’t put an expensive paint on an item that doesn’t go to Mythical okay? Also, I’m not mad that you did it, so don’t worry.


i am not harsh, just make my heart break to see all those stupid mistakes i made, he repeats…


Oh okay, I was too heartbroken because I converted my last 2 Mythicals Ultraspade and Ultra Cooling Module into 2 Legendary kits.


i still have firewall…:slight_smile:


You mean windows firewall?

Lmao i’m sorry.


you are funny…i like it…:rofl:


I’m acctualy ‘‘funny’’


Also for a bit more nostalgia, here’s an old drone I have. 38 It’s the Bullet Shark, equipped to my USA mech.
(btw everything on that mech is a Legacy item)


@Seth…if you can, please keep the legacy mechs
the reason i am asking, that it just occured to me, as @El_Metre organized the goat fights, perhaps somebody could organize legacy fights…if there are any interest


I’m keeping them for sure. I don’t plan on using them for boosts. Maybe I’ll use them for fun every now and then.


thanks to show it to me…


Just promise us that you won’t.

And keep the mech going mate.


I will. Anyways I’ve gotta go to bed now it’s 10:20 pm and I’ve got school tomorrow. See y’all!


Cya mate.