Hey, I'm new to the forums, not new to SuperMechs though :)


I started playing SM in 2014, went pretty well then I stopped for like 2 years. Got back on and played for like 2 months then got off again. I only got back yet again 2 days ago, and still got my save from 4 years ago, but not even close to being as powerful as some other people’s mechs. My best setup that I had from 2 years ago was a USA Mark I torso with USA Transporter tracks and most of my guns using bullets. If I can remember, it had like 540 hp, 140 heat, and I think 130 energy (because of the upgrades) and I don’t remember the rest (I used the guns and other upgrades on my new setup). I had another mech, but it had similar stats except it uses the Galaxus Model C torso and Yoshimo legs. I’m quite sad to find out that I can’t further upgrade those old parts as they were once part of my main mechs, so I’m just keeping them as a remembrance. BTW, my new setup has 837 hp, 207 energy and 193 heat. Sorry this is so long but I thought I’d just say my story. I can only post one image so here’s the USA mech

- the USA mech


Welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forums! Happy to have you!


@Seth…keep the controversial legacy items, because thats your only chance…(like double use hooks, charges, teleports, shields…)
it will give you some advantage, because the new release do not have them…

and keep your firewall if you have them


Yeah i’ll keep the good ones and use the not-so-good ones (like guns that do 23 dmg or something) for boosting new items. Thanks for that :smile:


Keep anything that deals 3 or more push in your legacy items, they are useful, VERY useful.

Also keep Firewall too.


Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here :smile:


oh…i forgot…welcome here!..


Oh yeah I forgot too, Welcome to the Forums!

We hope you enjoy your stay here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! And thanks to everyone else who said Welcome!


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Welcome Seth.

Don’t convert your items with the Legacy Converter because it will be the biggest mistake which, frankly, I did.


Sadly, I have done that. I had no idea what that’d do, I did it (I was daft enough to do a darn MYTHICAL LEGACY CONVERTER which was the worst decision I have EVER made). Probably one of the items that were converted was a Firewall as I recall having one and there isn’t one in my inventory now.


good advice heed it…(i did that stupid mistake too)


Don’t ever use legacy converter.

They’re junk.


My goodness, that’s sad.


Also, as for us just meeting you today, may I ask to see your current mechs? I’m very curious.


i would like to see your legacy mechs…just for nostalgia…:slight_smile:


He has converted everything he has I think…


I have one current mech which is my new main mech. Here: