Hey, I got Questions(I'm sorta new.)

I have been playing for 4 years ,I got back in a year ago, and see all my myths now are semi-crap, only getting a couple of new good epics at the start, when I could have gotten more, tried to survive the new SM, constantly, beaten, AI or not.

Still confused on how to get OP items like Energy free Armor and the gorilla head torso(don’t know) and others, I could use some help.

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i got answers

ts did a lil reset that made almost all old myths bad

those op items are only available from the legendary tier (in short, only obtainable thru special boxes)

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thanks, is premium box or pack in better value from your perspective?

They’re the exact same, though some people theorize that one has better drop rates than the other

how about the box prices thx

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Premium pack is equal to 5 premium box, premium box price is 75 tokens, so 75*5 =375 tokens which means premium pack is better because premium pack costs 335

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thanks, but it is quite hard to farm tokens, unless you are new.

yeah I normally buy 1 pack per week cuz i get 100tokens from raid

i get more lucky from boxes, but ive seen people get lucky with packs. it balances out somehow.

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