Hey HTK members


Palpatine for the win.


Also, thanks lanni, i think besty and happy just needed a little slap to put back the competitive hat.
That thread will do.

Plated me loves a good competition, i believe LLyL will also come out from its slumber. Well have some fun bois and gurls.


Tell me sunshine, do you often confuse insults and accusations with inteligent writeing?


yep, WlWG and PB are totally legit accounts.

I’m sure you’d say the same if they were in HTK.


Dont know them… seen them around but didnt get the chance to chat with them.
Or is it just one of those tactics, of yours…
First accuse them of cheating…
Manipulate them, and bully them…
Then join them to HTK?
Like it was with Fire, Canopy, Kevin, etc


well if you’d crawled out of that rock you’ve clearly been under, yet still claim intellectual authority on topics you clealry know nothing about, you would notice both Fluxeon and WlWg are banned and now an account that reaks of Fluxeon just happens to show up with all the best max myth items from nowhere just like WlWg did.

oh and how’s this for manipulative tactics:
tunnel vision on all of all of HTK’s actions, postulate constantly based on out of context quotes about shadey doings from HTK while totally ignoring confirmed cheaters from the RR camp and feigning ignorance as a self-defense mechanism when called out and then attempting to claim your opponent is the one attempting to minipulate as a red herring?

you will notice, this thread was created not by us but by reign.
you will notice its entire purpose was to imply that they had moles in our clan.
yet somehow we’re still the provocateurs and bullies?

get real.


Mechzilla don’t flex yo’ stuff that seriously.

You just got taken in by Vicarious and became leader with a few medals. Stop please, no more clan wars :sweat:


Who pilots Mechzilla is anyone’s guess. :wink:


you mean in the movie cause i know if it is


hey its
Azusa Kisaragi the piolet of kiryu
if your talking about the mecha godzilla movie
Image result for kiryu mechagodzilla


Excuse me for interfering in “what I don´t know” … but if there were spies from Reign in HTK, what’s the use of that?

I remember, when I was a member of HTK, that Old Exit went as a spy to Lyll. The only thing he got was that he was kicked from Lyll because he didn´t play. When he returned to HTK the only thing he brought was gossips that was useless.

If a Reign member or any clan, has an alt account in another clan, but this alt account wins and doesn´t give battles, what can it matter that collect gossip?


oh so there is a spy thing in the top clans is it like world war 2 where every country used spies


I was just thinking the same thing. It’s very funny! The truth is that I have been in 2 top clans and none of the two speak such hidden things or plan so much. It’s fun.


it wouuld be cool if i was a spy actually i am very good at extracting info from people in real life
speaking of getting info from people, people in school pay me dollar bills jst to find if some thing abouut people like for say if you know if people know secrets about people any ways it would be fun


You must have a Crystal Ball …


no i just know every body and put that to great use and i am great at getting to know people and i know every body and since i am nice hang around with then that makes it even better


I remember back at high school, we would sneak up on our teachers, because there’s a conspiracy they they use drugs.

The reality is… Nah, it’s sugar.




wait what the fck any ways there is this thing going around that some one dealing around the school so i was hired to figure it out and i still dont know if its true


i dont do black magic
all though some people think i can
its jst because i know how when and where things are going to happen