Hey guys, SeanChoi1870 here..new guy @Ourg


@ourg Welcome to the forums

I was chatting with him in game and he asked me about the portals…I thought you guys could help him out better than I can so I got him to join the forums


Ok…his acc is on hold for some reason


Portal drops legends, Farm on hard 10/10 Will farm again


My account did that too. I didn’t notice at the time since I was new but when I looked back through my messages, I found that it was on hold for a day or 2

Don’t worry


Hello buddy :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums :upside_down_face:
You will meet various types of people, ones who love to do RP, ones who spam Emojis (B.P.I.T.W), and one who is generally just annoying. There are many people here who are happy that you have joined the forums!


Welcome to the Forums @ourg!

You shall meet various players and people here, either players of Supermechs, and Battledawn. (Which is currently… Ahem.)

If you want to seek guidance for mentors and such for Supermechs, you can ask any Top Players/People here, even Lord Gorgon and Lannister are here, but for specific ones, go to this Topic :

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Welcome to the forum…


Hello everybody !!!
Nice to meet you.


Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here :smile:


I was wondering how Portals work.

When I connect my account I see : New item portal shockwave legendary to mythical win only in hard and insane.

So i went to the portal and won it hard mode but nothing happens. shouldn’t I be able to upgrade some item to mytic with it or something like that. what should I do to get the benefit of it?

Thanks for your help.


there’s only a chance to win it in hard and insane mode.


I don’t think that’s the answer to what ourg asked, buddy


wait,I misunderstood his question…


Hello there!

Enjoy making some friends and learning some new things.



So I have to farm the mission to make something happen ?


Wait…wtf…why does it say I said that when @LegacyMech said that??


I did some copy paste stuff . i m still new with the interface.


If anyone loves to rp they must be banned and annihilated immeditately



Hahaha lol sm joke.

Seriously,it’s a good joke mate.

And welcome to the forums lad.