Hey Guys! Looking For a Team


Hey guys, I am an old BD player, looking for a team on any era. (preferably Galaxy.) I am a bit rusty but ill learn quick. If you need my Skype you can PM me, or it is right here



Hey folks! I’m looking for a team to kill whatever team the above guy creates! I won’t join you though. Just want to get rivalries started already!


On the other hand! I can join a BD alliance that can kill Malicewolf :sweat_smile:


LOL, you must join TTK on fantasy 3 Bro


Sorry bro, i am already in alliance on F3


what your alliance and what is your name in ffantasy 3


I am here on F3: N:2537 E:14716 Alliance name is cruz.


sorry i mean fantasy 2 we need help named cali4nia allaince TTK


Where is your team, send coords…


I spawned, my name is Germanicus


my alliance back stab me :frowning:
Dont even join TTK or you get backstabbed, i lost all my armies at war