Hey guys its me Doom Bringer and


Call me doom for short.

This game has now improved since i played it in 2014. I am not that rich guy to buy some badass items, but i spend time playing this game for three years.

At YouTube - Well, i am not that creative, intelligent and active to make awesome videos, but i work hard just to make my video awesome.

(for more informations please go to my profile)
thats all for “Introduce Yourself” topic see ya!
Doom Out


Welcome :slight_smile:


Are you sure? :unamused:


Improved in slightly a bad way


Many things have improved actually, they are just overshadowed by all the s*** that has gone downhill and crippled the game. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Anyway, ahoy laddie! Welcome aboard.


where is my cookie? :disappointed_relieved:


You want cookie? I give you cookie. :cookie:


I took a small bit out of it sorry.


yummy cookie :cookie:… but still be not my cookie…:tired_face: