Hey Guys! I'm MrC3214


Whats that 5th weapon behind the hammer?


He’s got an Abomination… And Anni behind the hammer…


I saw the abomination, but not the anni. In that case, @Cody_Browning remove that anni.
Replace power bottoms with either
Physical legs that go to mythical
Heat legs that go to mythical
Then, you will want the following:
two plates
3 heat modules
3 energy modules.

Im aware its hard to come by on engines, but you will find them eventually.
Also, I reccomend a clash over nemo.
If you want to complete the full damage set-up, replace that corrupt light with a dawnblaze.

For more range effectiveness and energy effectiveness, you could replace the supreme cannon with a desolation.
Other than that, nice setup!


You must have missed my pictures. I have 3 energy engines on my first mech, and a heat engine on my second.


I know that you are short on engines: it happens. You will have to fill in with lesser modules for now.