Hey Guys! I'm MrC3214

based on these pictures, what would any of you recommend I do to better them???

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Your Heat mech, is it a damage based Heat mech or OverHeat type?

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Flaming hammer does 50 heat and 12 cooling damage, corrupt light does like 56 and 12 cooling damage, and abomination and supreme cannon both do between 128 and 180 damage, 44 heat damage, and 8 resistance drain. Does this answer your question???

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No not really…I know the maxed stats, but are you mainly aiming for damage or overheating your opponent?

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a little bit of both really.

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Here is a topic with all the Maxed Myth items:

Here it is with Pictures:

These will definitely help you out a lot in the future

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Upgrade your Scorching Feet and use that over Power Bottoms, since they go to Mythical

For Damage based:
Abomination, Supreme Cannon, Dawnblaze, Flaming Hammer

For OverHeating:
Corrupt Light, Dawnblaze, Flaming Hammer, Abomination

Would you happen to have a picture of the electrical side weapons “bull dog” and “bigdaddy”???

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Click on the second link I gave you and find it, it should be there

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thank you so much! You have been so helpful!


If you need any more help, you can always find me here, but there are waay more better and more experience players here…

are you looking for a clan???

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No, not at the moment sorry

Okay, lets get to business, you want it to be pure energy or counter something?
If pure energy, look for some of the items i will mention along:
Torsos: use naga for more health but less energy or grimreaper for more energy but less health.
Use one Hysteria for long ranges, you are lacking at it…
Legs are good for a drainer…Try to get one last words, to keep physicals away, because you already have stomp,so its good…
Take out the hook and just let the teleport on, energy don’t need hook, at most of the time…

About modules…Two iron plating, good, one res, you will really need just one regen… the rest equip energy engines…If you need more help, go to the build help topic that already exist.

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

tienes buenas piezas que yo desearía tener pero no me salen por que soy salado.

pero buen mechs

Whats that 5th weapon behind the hammer?

He’s got an Abomination… And Anni behind the hammer…

I saw the abomination, but not the anni. In that case, @MrC3214 remove that anni.
Replace power bottoms with either
Physical legs that go to mythical
Heat legs that go to mythical
Then, you will want the following:
two plates
3 heat modules
3 energy modules.

Im aware its hard to come by on engines, but you will find them eventually.
Also, I reccomend a clash over nemo.
If you want to complete the full damage set-up, replace that corrupt light with a dawnblaze.

For more range effectiveness and energy effectiveness, you could replace the supreme cannon with a desolation.
Other than that, nice setup!

You must have missed my pictures. I have 3 energy engines on my first mech, and a heat engine on my second.