Hey guys I just had a quick question

what is supporter tokens?

Can you show a pic?

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I always assumed they were tokens received back then before reloaded when they had that one beta shit prior to it being ruined it and turned into the mess we have now.

It’s token that you can use between Supermechs and Battledawn I believe

maybe @Wepwawet can you tell us what it is :smiley::exclamation:

I understand that “Supporter” is a payment processing system.

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Supporter Tokens = tokens bought with real money

Bonus Tokens = tokens gained in game


Only Supporter Tokens can be send :exclamation:

Before it was possible to send tokens in SuperMechs, since SM reloaded not anymore.
But you can still send tokens via BattleDawn :exclamation:


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Yes. That’s what it says on the wiki page. We already know there are tokens that are bought with money and others are bonuses.

But they ask what is Supporter. And Supporter is a payment processing system.

What are you talking about :question:

@willybobhero asked a clear question :exclamation:

I answered clear and absolutly correct :exclamation:

funny how you can even disagree with totally clear things :exclamation: