Hey am I cute idk why I posted this but im wondering


k see you later and let us know if it goes well.
which it probably will

i´m literally starting to remember that 1st date for some reason.
i see whats going on :blush:


Forget about boys and focus on your school work and grades. Boyfriends will come and go, your education will be with you forever.



… HmmmMMM

This text will be blurred, and that looks dangerous


That’s Dudu’s Build isn’t it?


its close to it


Well i’m 14 as well but i’m at 9th grade. Funny.

Maybe my parents hit me up at the school a year earlier, or the curicculum in America is completely different than Indonesia. (I live in Indonesia, BTW)


Well idk guys i may be from old generation
But back in my days(don t start with back in my days jokes, i own this, back in my days dead sea was jus sick, back in my days sabaton lyrics were dailly news, back in my days we were putting gasoline on sun to ignite it)
14 old kids used to be pissed for losing their favorite toy or their favorite cartoons (losing knd or teen titans oh boy… End of the world) without giving a shiet about any date or stuff xD

But hei times are changing

My advice is to enjoy you r childhood as much as you can, best period ever(college is also cool i can comfirm) just don t worry about those kind of stuff, finding your half at that age is like imposible, since you don t know what you want, and you are still having personality changes


if we’re talking about ownership then it’s Azpald’s build


welp… oof :disappointed_relieved:


dang thats a lot of replies

anyways welcome to the forums dude


I got to date him! :rofl:


oh good for you.


no joke im sooo happy RN!!! me and him are gonna go out tonight to starbucks!!! :joy:


gtg around 6:30ish so yea bye guys


Is this a fake account wtf is this?


Ok. Cool.
I hate face reveals in general so :confused:


hmmmmm starbucks sound like nice idea.


Says the one with his Face revealed on his PFP

I’m Joking


hey sean i don´t understand your pfp