Hey am I cute idk why I posted this but im wondering




14 and im in 8th grade

but im not online dating lolz f that

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hey dont call your self ugly you seem pretty cool to hang out with :wink:

Nice to meet you Ethan Smith

Welcome to the Forums


That’s not me, buddy.

That’s a guy called Zarkares

lol ok then:sweat_smile:

I just got a VR yay’s lol

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thanks for the like :wink:

Well Welcome to forms, I guess there is a new cute one taking over my place, i kinda grew out of the cuteness, but still welcome to forms, and dont mind winz, i think its his way of being funny,

did you laugh?

Myabe, So what if i did XD, The Man most fear can be funny every now and then

okey then


I think Lil B Was tryin to be funny, trust me he isnt that scary XD, seeing as he is very very short

hah peeps I like you guys you seem chill’s

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Rlly, U say that after what happend today XD, and i only look short cause i hang out with people twice my age

Yea, vaga was right though in not that scary, most see me as a small softy

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He Admits it XD, cant wait for the others to see this XD