Hey all old and new friends


Just came to the new forums, after I stopped by the old ones. It’s been a few years, wanted to catch up with some oldies if any are left. Glad to be back everyone.

-Apollo (Former Sr. Mod.)


Oh heyyyyyy its this guy.

How are you man


Heya, Sorry not to be rude, but I don’t recall the name Zealot. But either way, glad to meet(see)? you mate lol.


Welcome back Apollo.

Now similar to zealot’s case you wouldn’t recall my name either, but I do yours. :slight_smile:


lol ggwp, get rkt zealot


Hey Matt. Can’t ever quit forever eh? :wink:


Always nice to see you back Matt.


Sup Matt ^^ Glad to see you pop your head in!


Thanks everyone, always happy to see so many old friends still clowning around here :stuck_out_tongue:


wb Apollo, i better win an era before everyone returns !!! time to bust out those tools and go to work aye :smiley: