Heronmark: The over-nerfed and forgotten


So you think it should do more damage than the energy equivalent but weight 11 kg less?


Well, as I see it now it appears that the energy version is also underpowerd. That may need a buff to, and you can create a topic about that, but right now we are talking about the heronmark


Sure but it makes no sense to propose changes without considering balance, otherwise what is the point


I guess the wieght can be increased, but not be 11, cause thats a bit too heavy. How about increase weight from 46 to 51?
And looking at the stats right now the brightroar needs a damage buff. GO create a topic on that, maybe the devs can see both of our topics.


Consider actually balancing energy overall before you decide to haul BR into an HM topic. Seriously, screw energy. It’s overpowered as it is.


-16 heat cap with the stats you listed


You already have Terrorblade or Crimson rapture to reduce the heat cap at close range…

Sword are (to me at least) supposed to drain resistance more than damage capacities or regen/cooling…


Here’s my take on its buffed stats:

52 Kg
183-274 Exp. Damage
74 Heat Damage
1-2 Range
-7 Exp. Resistance Drain


16 Heat Cap Damage
8 Cooling Damage

Maybe a bit too OP.


How about you change the resistance drain to 10 and get rid of the heat cap and cooling damage


Please, remove that…It hurts my eyes ^^

I already told my point of view in a previous post…

Why not instead of adding weird things like Heat Capacity Damage, Cooling Damage or same Resistance drain as the phys counterpart, simply increase a bit more the reheat capability or direct damage ?^^


we are not adding resistance drain, only bringing it up by three, and the damage and heat have already been increased, a bit more now cause I just edited the post.


I didn’t say adding Resistance drain, but THE SAME AS ^^


The same as what, exactly? IF ur talking about heap cap and cooling damage, I dont really think that should be implented.


I agree, almost every weapon either has cap drain, regen drain, or resistance drain. Only the one shot weapons have multiple. Higher resist drain makes sense to me like you say.


Not much use to me after the post nerf…
Everybody also forgets one of the biggest waste prem item: bloodweep… wanted to have a mech a little diferent and maxed out one of these… the thing cant hold a candle to nightfall… only good tbing is its 29kg.
Only thing i say to myself; keep it beside, might change some day…


Awww yea bout to cut someone


The same resistance drain as insert an other item here


Hold on to it, if the devs listen to us maybe then youll have a use for it.


How about this:
57 kg
1-2 range
197-285 dmg
69 heat dmg
-7 exp resist

Is this ok?


How about maybe 15-20 less explosive damage and 5 more heat?