Heronmark: The over-nerfed and forgotten

Im making this topic to draw the attention to the developers of a weapon they rightfully nerfed. Unfortunatly, they nerfed it WAY to hard. These are the max myth stats:
1-2Range, 144-232 ExDmg, 58HeatDmg, -7ExRes, no hidden stats,
This is a little bit ridiculous. I feel that this sword could put some more strategic close range builds in the game,but it got killed to hard, so now its useless, and useless items should not exist in this game.
So, i have some stat changes.
Instead of 58 heat damage at max myth, raise it to 74
Instead of 144-232 damage, raise it to 183-274
raise the resistance drain to -10.
Heres a poll for the idea:

  • Great idea, buff it with the stats you listed
  • It needs a buff, but I have different stat ideas(tell me)
  • It should not be buffed.

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Energy and Physical Mechs: Try not to answer this poll with the option that it needs no buff because you dont want some weapons that you dont use to get a bit more effective. Answer this from a honest standpoint on balancing the game.
@Sarah247 @Mohadib
(thanks to @Nemesis9 for giving me those revised stats)

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Sure :l

Memes are Keng

They shouldn’t of nerfed it honestly, counting each types weapons, energy has brightroar (+ drained dmg), seraph blade with it’s 400+ @-38, heat deserves a weapon that isn’t so god damn weak compared to other types.

No, and for a simple reason: -10 is the current resistance drain of SeraphBlade, the phys sword
Point is, phys have higher damage output and/or resistance drain to compensate the fact they don’t reheat or energy drain opponent…

So, in that case you’ll have to increase the Res drain of SB a bit
and in any case, if HM and SB have 10 resistance drain and not BrightRoar (curently 7), it would be…strange XD
and since HM have the hability to reheat and BR to drain energy, shouldn’t they have the same amout of ResDrain ? ^^

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Considering energies broken. Who cares if BR doesn’t have -10 resist drain? it’s rarely used.

Whereas HM and SB imo are more used.

Unless you also have a grimsome or atleast terror blade… it is useless.
A bifd could make it worth using.

I don’t disagree that it could maybe use some buffing, but it only weighs 46. If it is improved at all the weight would need to be increased as well. The energy equivalent is already 11 kg heavier.

not ALL energies…

I heard somewhere (I never got a HM, BR or SB myself) that BR was pretty weak, unlike it’s pre-nerfed version…

Yep, BR is pretty shite compared to it’s pre-nerf version.

Either way, HM deserves a buff to make it useful again, last thing we need is energy getting more buffs to weapons that’re barely used.

Really thought I have been thinking about melee weapons for a while. It’s hard to make a build where they are useful because all someone has to do is push you out of range 2 and you have to waste a move hopping or using hook/tele/charge. Meanwhile you opponent just hit you twice with something that hits as hard as the melee weapon you wasted a turn using.

I don’t know what the right answer is. I kind of feel like at least the seraphblade should be energy free to be able to compete with annihilation. Probably both the Heronmark and Brightroar should have damage increases. And lastly, I don’t think the axes should have knockback, as we already have stomp for that. Already it is pretty much guaranteed with an axe that you have to use half your turn getting in range.

I feel like those changes would make melee weapons much more viable, that is my opinion anyways.

Axes have much higher direct damage than stomp, AND scratch to sandpowder the Heat/Energy Capacity…

Pretty much the same for the BackBreaker with direct damage and Cooling/Regen of the opponent…

I purposefully rose it to -10 resistance drain because I only raised the damage by 30-40, so the -10 would boost a little bit of long term damage.

Keep resist drain at 7, damage stats 180-270, and put the heat at 70
Also have it lower cooling by 5 at myth

Now you just over buffed it.

Then we could put the damage at 190-240
and lower cooling by 5

I disagree, cause I still kept the stats of damage relatively low.

too low damage, just forget about the cooling thing, this is a shield weapon.

Yee. :l



Hey whats the heat cost for this (if any)?

50, which shoudl probably stay the same for now