Here ,take a moment and rate my mechs ;)

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Impressive. You’d have only a 50/50 chance of winning a 3v3 though.

HP is very low on all three mechs, heat stats below average as well and the energy stats on your energy mechs will probably lose out to any other energies you encounter with them. in addition, there’s still some fuse work to be done. based on those stats, I’d start with your modules.

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Your second and third mech have to low energy/regen for an energy mech. They also need more hp. The first one is actually good! It might need more hp too -.-

i like the second mech because it is more balanced as heat-energy is concerned; of course the stats need to be taken higher but the balance should be kept while upgrading. weapons are more electrical so if you facing an energy mech then its twice the energy loss(ur weapons use lot of energy and ur enemy might do a lot of draining). you can replace atleast one energy weapon with low energy consumption. just commenting; by the way my mechs are not even close to yours

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Thanks for the tips,guys.This was some good advice.They’re not the best mechs,I know.I’m still rank 5 and have only 3 mythicals for torsos.All of the weapons are legendary and most of my modules are epic