Here is who i am

with that eyebrow,


that is barely a unibrow lmao

there’s just really fine hairs in-between eyebrows. most people shave them off, but don’t do it yourself unless you know what you’re doing.

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yeh dude, ive never even held a razor before lol.

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Well, that’s alright. But in all seriousness, those middle eyebrow hairs are barely even visible, unless you look really close in a mirror, or someone pays too much attention to your eyebrows which is generally weird lol

well ive had too many compliments on my eyebrows and eyelashes so…

now you ruined it thanks

who ruined what…

this thread was my step in getting over my fear

oh, im sorry dude. but dont worry, ur good man.


in what way he couldve ruined it lol, basically anotha dude with possibly the same problem as you.

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Hey!! I also revealed myself too! !

I should be considered BRAVE too! ! ! (;

Btw is that the guy who trolls in tik tok duet? ? ? :thinking:

You’re not ugly.

Stop telling yourself that or you find out the hard way you’re not.

Why am I imparting wisdom? I used to be the dumb teenager on these damn forums. Never grow up.


lol dude, i am ugly, im also like, the most annoying person ever. im also trying to stop dat…

No one is ugly . The sooner you realize you are unique and awesome the better life will be . What everyone else thinks does not matter . This is real freedom but you must be ok with yourself to get there . Once you dig you … only the people who really matter will too. Trust me(or misfit) on this one