Here is who i am

here’s what i look like

junior year at high school (now)
freshmen year


the top is now i am around 90 pounds i have ADHD and autism :neutral_face:

no comments unless they are positive feed back

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you go get it, my guy

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Its great to see that some people are still brave enough to show there faces on forums,
You remind me of one of my younger friends in highschool, He is very slamm and has orange hair as well


nice, i have autism too


you look really young

keep up the courage man, that’s one thing most of us don’t have.

  • I look nice
  • ya cool

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Would this go in Introduce Yourself?

no i am show my real self

hey as long as you dont take meds your fine, also i have ADHD as well

ummmm i take 2 pills in the morning to help me stay in control and to help me focus

0.o ) I can control my ADHD to a point where i don’t go insane or lose focus, but i need to listen to music.

I have ADHD
and some other learning disability
yet im a grade ahead in half my classes

that changes between people


thank you :grinning::smile:

I am a little OCD . Good luck in the game and more important life . Be well


i have really thick eyebrows that makes me look angry almost all the time, so thats an approachability disability

im just ugly as ■■■■. although i almost have a unibrow, which i really dont like…

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