Here is the most stupidest idea ever!

So we all love fortune boxes, right? WELL… what if we add a divine to them or myth(Don’t leave yet) The myth has a 0.3% chance rate, and the divine has a 0.03% of winning(Surprised you didn’t leave) But the divine has a downside, you can get any weapon in this game(Not Legacy), but you can’t upgrade it… So if you get a Common/Divine Ironbark, the stats will improve, BUT… not as much, like the other divine weapons.

Common Chance: 0.5% Should be Deleted

Rare Chance: 34.5%

Epic chance: 45%

Legendary Chance: 19.77%

Myth chance: 0.3%

Divine Chance: 0.03%

  • The Title Speaks for itself, Thanks for trying
  • This could be a good idea
  • You are going to break our community with the drop rates
  • You had a great idea, but i’m afraid it wont get in.

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And I mean it


The rage you could get with a divined ironbark… I love it…

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Uhm…Divine is the last level AND tier of the game…
And you can’t improve anything past that…Already…

And these items don’t even go to Divine tier…And they’re useless anyways…

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What he’s saying is they would become the equivalent of a divine tier upgrade but at their max level.


Then it’s an even worse idea :laughing:

It’s actually evil but it honestly seems like an update TS would do.

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Go to my idea not broken

Hey, no need to push people over to threads. Believe me, the more you force a thread on someone, the less they want to go there.

Now ok then I back down

Change the idea a bit and it’ll be liked a lot more

you have any idea @0ld_Supermechs_User

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Just up for the drop rates for fortune boxes in general.
“Community Appeasement Complete”

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New Fortune chest drop rates: hopefully good this time

Common: GTFO we don’t need worthless things

Rare: 24% drop

Epic: 40% drop

Legendary 30% Drop

Mythical: 5% drop

Diving(Idk if you guys want this): 1% drop

  • Yes, that is better.
  • I have a better idea for drops
  • No, and i don’t have an idea

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You need to tweak your percentages as they add to more than 100%

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Remove this

remove this

I agree with this.

this thread makes me want to drink bleach personally but thanks for trying to make the game super easy for nob players

We need to get rid of the gambling system because it should be illegal, have loot boxes only cost regular coins